The Flavours Of Africa


The Flavours
of Africa

Created by Bart
Van Cauwenberghe

Callebaut Ambassador Belgium



 Orange Gel


Juniper berries
100 g orange juice
60 g orange pulp
40 g passion fruit
50 g sugar


3 g agar agar


African Ganache

Cardamom seeds
Coffee beans



200 g cream
50 g glucose
7 g powdered coffee


100 g Belgian dark chocolate
125 g milk chocolate
25 g butter


Bruise the berries.
Cut the mint.
Cut the vanilla pod and scrape off the seeds.
Put everything in a bowl and heat, until just below boiling temperature.
Take away from the heat and leave to infuse for a few hours or even overnight.




Mix the juice mixture and stir in the agar agar.
Put back on the heat until it is well absorbed.
Pour into a container.


Put the seeds and the beans into a pan to roast them at a high temperature. Keep stirring the seeds and beans to keep them from burning.
As soon as they release their aromas, take away from the heat.


Mix the ingredients and add the cardamom and coffee.
Bring to the boil and leave to infuse for a few minutes.

Pour the cream onto the Callets and mix well into a homogenous ganache.
Mix in the butter.
Pour into a piping bag and put away to harden.