artisan chocs

corporate chocolate gift-giving

corporate gift-giving with a well defined difference: We all know every year fewer people tolerate oversized,run of the mill gift baskets filled with mass produced jars. Less is more again and people look for artisan made gourmet products showcasing character, sophistication and respect for the ingredients.

Let's be honest, all Belgian chocolate is good, but the true artisans make chocolate that transcends good—taking us into the realm of speechless. The chocolates featured at Vanderwee were tasted, debated over, and tasted again. If they delivered on impact, richness and the element of surprise, they made the cut provided they are made with the right ingredients.

One final note, Our chocolate makers in Belgium don’t follow trends of absurdity.

While there is a market for salt we don’t allow salt to be used in chocolates. It’s imply barbaric. We have enough salt in our food chain, no need to contaminate chocolate with it.

Palm oil: Hmm. Good chocolate doesn’t need it so we don’t allow it.

Bacon might be fine for some but bacon in chocolate is a here seen as an act of absurdity. Those who make it should held accountable for their actions.