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Cream Coloured Chocolate Box

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  • Description

New cream coloured chocolate box

holds (140 G) 8 assorted Belgian
chocolate pralines.

comes with a rose ornament

Make it @ home


A creation of

Louis Briffaerts

and Godelieve De Vliegher

Patisserie Wittamer Brussels



christmas recipe

Chocolate mousse

Ingredients Preparation
125 g whipped cream
70 g invert sugar
125 g egg yolks
Make custard.
450 g dark chocolate Sieve the custard and pour over the chocolate. Mix cold to approximately 45-50°C.
600 g semi-whipped cream Add and carefully fold in.

Coffee jelly frosting

Ingredients Preparation
500 g coffee
150 g sugar
Boil together.
4 gelatine leaves Soak and add when the mixture has cooled down to 60°C.
Freeze Demarle mould and pour a layer of frosting on the inside.

Mascarpone mousse

Ingredients Preparation
500 g mascarpone Whisk.
100 g sugar
100 g egg yolks
150 g crème café latte (Fugar)
Mix in.
500 g whipped cream Whisk and mix.
4 gelatine leaves Soak and add when the mixture has cooled down to 60°C.
Spread copiously over the jelly and place in freezer again.

Alba biscuit


Ingredients Preparation

300 g egg yolks
225 g egg whites


750 g broyage

Add and mix.

225 g flour

Sieve and mix.

675 g egg whites
225 g sugar

Whisk until peaks form and fold into the batter.

Weigh 550 g of dough and spread on a 40x60 cm baking sheet. Bake at 180°C. Then drizzle the baked biscuit with 18° coffee.