Chocolate Panettone


Created by Fabrizio Galla 



First dough

Ingredients Preparation
2000 g flour
1000 g water
700 g butter
600 g white cane sugar
Mix with a planetary mixer during 15-18 minutes.
650 g sourdough (mother yeast) Add and continue to mix until the dough becomes elastic.
400 g egg yolks Add half of the egg yolks, process until completely absorbed, then add the remaining part of the egg yolks.
Mix everything until smooth and stop before the mixture becomes too shiny (max. 22-25 minutes).
Place the dough in a container inside the prover at a temperature of 26-28°C for 10-12 hours or until it has tripled in volume.

Second dough

Ingredients Preparation
500 g flour
200 g cocoa powder (Belgian)
4 bourbon vanilla pods
25 g orange essential oil or grated orange rind
Add to the first dough and mix.
600 g white cane sugar
270 g egg yolks
250 g acacia honey
Add and mix until the dough is smooth (± 20 minutes).
270 g egg yolks
40 g salt
Add and mix until fully absorbed.
900 g butter (softened but not melted) Add and absorb.
270 g egg yolks Add and mix thoroughly.
400 g cold water Add.
2000 g chopped dark chocolate
1000 g diced candied orange peel
Pour on and incorporate.
Scale the dough (500-1000 or 1500 g) and roll into balls. Place inside paper moulds. Set the prover for 30-40 minutes at approximately 28°C. Let the cakes rise until three quarters of the moulds, then cut a cross on top. This process may take 6 to 8 hours, depending on the climate and the dough’s leavening power.

Amaretto mass

Ingredients Preparation
800 g sugar
250 g unsweetened almonds
150 g sweet raw almonds
100 g roasted hazelnuts
50 g corn flour
50 g potato starch
20 g cocoa powder
Grind all the ingredients thinly and dryly.
300 g egg whites Add.
Mix everything in a mixer. The consistency of the mixture has to be easily spread onto the dough, if too hard, some more egg whites can be added to soften it. Better if the mixture will be used after resting 24 hours.

Finishing and presentation
Ice the panettone with a thin layer of Amaretto mass, then sprinkle with cocoa nibs Callebaut NIBS-S502 (1/3) and sugar nibs (2/3).

Baking process:
For 500 g: 30 minutes at 175°C.
For 1000 g: 50 minutes at 170°C.
For 1500 g 70 minutes at 170°C.
Keep the valve closed while baking and open only the last 5 minutes.
To ensure the panettone maintains its shape and fragrance, it should be turned upside down immediately after baking, using the special pliers, and allowed to rest for 10-12 hours before packaging.