Cherry in the Snow

Cherry in the Snow Created by
Alexandre Bourdeaux - Callebaut Chef -



Chocolate sponge cake

Ingredients Preparation
135 g fine dark Belgian  chocolate  Melt at 45 °C.
162 g marzipan (50%)
144 g egg yolk
Mix and beat. Add to the chocolate.
270 g egg white
180 g caster sugar
Mix and whip up. Fold into the chocolate.
99 g soft flour
9 g baking powder
Mix with the chocolate, and pour into buttered and floured cake rings. Bake at 180 °C for 25 minutes.

Cherry jelly

Ingredients Preparation
568 g Capfruit cherry puree Heat up to 40 °C.
64 g invert sugar
68 g gelatine mass
Dissolve in fruit puree. Pour into triangular Demarle® mould and 2 circular Flexipan® moulds (ø 16 cm).
Whole cherries (frozen) Dress with cherries and freeze.

Light ganache

Ingredients Preparation
144 g whole milk
144 g cream (35%)
53 g egg yolk
53 g caster sugar
Prepare a crème anglaise.
106 g dark chocolate Pour crème anglaise over chocolate and emulsify. Spread out on a tray and keep in a fridge to crystallize overnight.

Chantilly cream of almonds and kirsch

Ingredients Preparation
306 g g whole milk
245 g almond paste 50% 
Bring milk to a boil and pour over paste. Emulsify.
43 g gelatine mass Add gelatine mass and leave to cool.
28 g kirsch (40%)
379 g whipped cream (35%)
Add kirsch and whipped cream.

Finishing and presentation:
Cover with dark chocolate glazing