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Gifts of love and enticement.


chocolates for romantics

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treasure gift box

holds 4 chocolate pralines
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holds 4 chocolate pralines

Cream Coloured Chocolate Box

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New cream coloured chocolate box

holds (140 G) 8 assorted Belgian
chocolate pralines.

comes with a rose ornament

mini black corporate

holds 2 medium sized pralines with assorted flavours
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holds 2 medium sized pralines with assorted flavours

the colour ribbon comes in red or white

box size: 5 x 5 x 5 cm

Make it @ home


I put a spelt on you 

dark chocolate – spelt milk – spirulina

Created by Peter Hernou

World Champion Latte Art






200 ml spelt milk
2 spoons (50g)ground dark chocolate
1 coffee spoon spirulina

Finishing: sprinkle with some Callebaut® Ground Dark Chocolate for extra cocoa flavanols


Dose all ingredients in a milk pitcher.
Steam up to 72°C until frothy.
Serve in a glass or cup.

Good to know:

spirulina is believed to be one of the new super foods.

It is a small blue-green algae that can provide us with a large part of our recommended daily protein intake.

Some sources say it could help control allergies, reinforce your immune system, and so much more.